Christmas Shopping Workout – Keep Fit While You Queue

The festive season is upon us, which can only mean three things: shopping, shopping and more shopping! But with Christmas being a busy time of year, you may not be able to get out to Inspire Fitness as much as you’d like. With that in mind, why not try out a few of exercises the next time you’re queuing and give yourself a Christmas shopping workout!

Maintain Your Posture Over Coffee

We’ve all been out shopping for the day and by the time it hits 3 o’clock, we need a good sit down. It’s at this point you’re most susceptible to slouching. But by resisting the urge to slump and keeping your legs and back straight, you can seriously strengthen your abs, tighten your glutes, and give your spine the proper support it needs.

Light Leg Curls in the Queue

How about something a little more intensive? While you’re waiting to be served (and standing up straight, of course), bring your left foot up behind you to about the height of your knee, hold it there and finally drop it back down to the floor. Repeat this same motion with your right leg, and then keep alternating like that for as long as you can. The whole motion should look as if you are attempting to kick yourself in the bottom but not quite getting there!

Shopping Bag Bicep Curls

Had a busy day and filled a couple of carrier bags already? Then don’t let those makeshift dumbbells go to waste! Stand with a bag in each hand, your arms straight by your sides, palms facing forward. Moving your arm at the elbow, lift the left bag up as high as possible. If you can get anywhere close to your chest, you’re doing really well! Once you’ve brought your arm back by your side, simply repeat the motion with your right arm, and keep going for as long as you can (or until the cashier’s ready to serve you anyway!)

Browsing Buttock Pinches

Our final exercise is one that’s easy to keep hidden while you’re browsing or queuing, but you will definitely feel the burn if you do enough of them. Simply stand on the balls of your feet, clench your buttocks for several seconds and then gradually release, before going back onto flat feet. Repeat the process for as many times as you like, but if you go overboard, don’t be surprised if you struggle to sit on any wooden chairs for a few days!